“What I enjoyed the most about the Touch Of Equine activity was it taught us how to work together as a team. There was a horse in our team, why not a fourth human, but they choose a horse. In my opinion the horse represented a small child, you have to be patience and kind with a child if you want them to like and listen to you, otherwise, well, have fun. It taught us to loosen up have fun and enjoy it. In my opinion if we would have had a sour attitude like “ich konn nit” “ich hob aungst” we wouldn’t have come far. It was an amazing experience, and I would do it again.”

– Jolene

I learned a lot about horses and how to work as a team to do the obstacles, also I learned that the horse is smart enough that if you are acting uncertain and a little goofy they will also do so and you need to stay relaxed and do the challenges as a team.

– Joshua
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